dswdiane ([personal profile] dswdiane) wrote2009-04-19 02:02 pm

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I cannot figure out how to upload my icons. But I am here. I'll probably write as much here as I do on LJ which is to say not so much.

But hello those of you who are my friends. *Waves happily*
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[personal profile] calime 2009-04-19 07:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey ! *waves back*
Um, ditto with the writing part, but as to the icons - if you stay logged in and go to, for example, DW's home page http://www.dreamwidth.org/ and hover your mouse over the leftmost word under DW logo - 'create' - you'll get the drop-down menu that allows you to navigate to the icon upload form.
I love that DW allows you to upload many icons simultaneously, not slowly one by one!
Also, you can import your whole LJ, if you want,complete with icons you've uploaded there - this post is a good how-to resource.